What to do in Los Cabos when traveling with children?


What to do in Los Cabos when traveling with children?

Mexico's beaches are world-famous for their crystal clear waters, long golden beaches, perfect weather and the warmth of its inhabitants; one of the most exclusive destinations visited by foreign and local tourists is Los Cabos. 

This paradisiacal place has activities for all ages and types of trips, whether you travel with your group of friends and want to go out at night or do extreme activities, or with your family and prefer to rest and relax from stress, and of course, Los Cabos is more than ready to welcome you if you travel with children. 

At Club Regina Los Cabos we recommend a series of activities you can do in Los Cabos with kids, start enjoying to the fullest!

What to do in Los Cabos with kids?

Whether you are traveling to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just for a change of routine, a visit to Los Cabos will provide you with an unforgettable vacation. Pack your bags and come discover the crystal blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Visit beaches with low waves

All the beaches you find in Los Cabos are beautiful, but not all of them are suitable for inexperienced tourists, or for children who are just starting to swim; so if you want to have an incredible and fun vacation for the whole family, we recommend you to visit these beaches that usually have little waves, so the little ones can have fun! 

We recommend you to visit El Medano Beach, it is located in downtown Cabo San Lucas, here you will find stores, souvenirs, restaurants and also different services to practice snorkeling or any other water activity; you can also relax on the sand and watch your kids play soccer or volleyball. 

Ride a camel

If you or your children are fans of animals, they will love this beautiful experience, riding a camel you will be able to witness the most spectacular scenery of the Pacific Sea. You will find different agencies that can organize a guided tour, you can learn from expert guides in the region, curious facts about the flora and fauna, and you can also witness one of the most beautiful sunsets. 

Take a ride in a submarine

Snorkeling and scuba diving are star activities in Los Cabos, but if your kids are not yet confident enough to swim or be in the ocean by themselves, they will love this experience. They will be able to see different species of fish, and more species of marine life that inhabit Los Cabos, without even getting wet. 

All this is possible thanks to a semi-submersible submarine, which means that the upper deck is kept above the surface. 

This way you will be able to go down to contemplate the water and marvel at all the species you will see.

Swim with dolphins

Los Cabos is in a privileged place with a perfect climate and an incredible ecosystem full of biodiversity and richness, so thanks to these characteristics you can live the incredible experience of swimming with dolphins, feed them and even take a picture or two. Most tours last between 45 and 1:30 minutes.

Contact Club Regina Los Cabos, one of our specialists will be able to advise you, so you can choose the option that best suits you. 

If your little ones are adventurous, go snorkeling! 

In Los Cabos you will find different agencies that will take you to explore the secrets of the beautiful sea, you will be able to see different species of marine animals, and also explore the flora of this great ecosystem. 

If you consider your little ones to be adventurous, living this experience with them will leave them wanting to come back. 

Stay at Club Regina Los Cabos

In order to enjoy all these adventures to the fullest, we recommend you to stay at a beachfront hotel in Los Cabos, where besides enjoying the pool, the proximity to the beach, the relaxation of being in a sanctuary away from stress and sunbathing, you will also eat delicious food. 

Relax in one of our wonderful rooms, do not hesitate to contact us, and ask for our promotions, so we can make your stay at Club Regina Los Cabos, a unique experience. We are waiting for you! 


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