Where to eat during the Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta?


Where to eat during the Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta?

We are about to welcome the tricolor month, the streets of Puerto Vallarta are already starting to be painted in green, white and red, soon you will be able to hear the mariachi music enlivening the streets, and you will even be able to witness the joy and warmth of the people of Puerto Vallarta. 

There is nothing like Vallarta-style Mexican fiestas, full of dancing, mariachi and lots of enthusiasm. Music enlivens the main squares, locals, and tourists gather in popular places to celebrate Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta to the rhythm of music. 

There are undoubtedly many activities to do in September in Puerto Vallarta; however, there is something that unites all Mexicans: the passion for food. And in September you will be able to enjoy and pamper your palate with all the Mexican flavors. You will find delicious food such as juicy carne asada, delicious guacamole, traditional pozole and antojitos for all tastes.

What to eat in Puerto Vallarta?

If you want to try something different and are wondering what to eat in Puerto Vallarta during the Fiestas Patrias, at Travel Raintree we have the answer you are looking for. Escape to a luxury restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and celebrate Fiestas Patrias on the Pacific.

Top 3 of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Like many tourist destinations, Puerto Vallarta offers a surprising culinary proposal, with a variety of restaurants that highlight the flavors of the region and also experiment with new contemporary techniques to continue delighting all your senses. 

So that you don't have to think twice about what to eat in Puerto Vallarta, here are some of the restaurants you can't miss during your visit.

La Tienda Grande

With only a year and a half since its opening, La Tienda Grande has positioned itself as one of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. It is inspired by the traditions, memories, and experiences of young chef Salvador Carrillo.

La Tienda Grande bears his name because it occupies the building that was once one of the first stores in this neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta. This place dates back to the 40's and offered all kinds of services, which is why it was known by the locals as: La Tienda Grande. 

This restaurant offers a creative Mexican gastronomic proposal, where flavors and aromas are mixed with a decoration that stands out for the small details that remind us of old Mexico. 

You will be able to taste dishes such as: Crudos de Mar, which is raw fish and shrimp with roasted beet aguachile and a pineapple and tomatillo sauce, you will also taste desserts of his authorship such as guava pie with goat, which has goat cheese and a butter cookie. 

La Tienda Grande is the perfect place to spend the national holidays in Puerto Vallarta, the food and the atmosphere will make you shout ¡viva México! 

Cafe Des Artistes

Just 5 minutes away from the city's malecon is one of the most romantic restaurants in Puerto Vallarta: Cafe des Artistes, located in an old house in downtown. This restaurant is in charge of enhancing the culinary traditions of our country, making it the perfect place to eat during the national holidays. 

The restaurant is divided into several spaces, there is a contemporary lounge, a lounge with classic decoration, a chef's table, a private section and a leafy garden, which gives you the option to choose the one that best suits your preferences. Regarding their cuisine, they offer starters to share, main courses and French desserts, as well as a set menu that you can order with or without side dishes. 

During the national holidays they have a special menu, here you can taste dishes such as goat cheese salad with nopales, avocado, cabuches, fried sweet potato and mole dressing or the famous chile en nogada that adorns all Mexican tables during this season. 


In the heart of the hotel zone is ICÚ, a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta that takes traditional Mexican dishes and gives them a twist, making them gourmet and more delicious; they also specialize in giving a Mexican touch to typical dishes from other regions.

At ICÚ, the chefs use corn as the main ingredient, honoring the name of the restaurant, since ICÚ means corn in the Huichol language.

In this restaurant in Puerto Vallarta you will hardly find the same menu for months, since they constantly change the menu according to the ingredients they can get throughout the year, here you will only find fresh and seasonal food. 

They have a la carte menu or the option of a tasting menu, either 5 or 9 courses, you will also find a Mexican wine cellar. Enjoy shrimp al pastor, marinated octopus and a delicious guava mousse, not to be missed! 

Puerto Vallarta is known for several reasons, such as its warm and friendly people, beautiful scenery and stunning beaches. But if there is something that stays in the hearts of both foreigners and Mexican tourists, it is its delicious gastronomy. 

These restaurants in Puerto Vallarta will delight you with an explosion of flavors, in this destination you will find from cuts and seafood to a combination of unforgettable street food.

Visit Puerto Vallarta during these national holidays and fall in love with Mexico. 


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