Best beaches in Los Cabos


Best beaches in Los Cabos

In Los Cabos you will find an endless number of majestic bays, surrounded by soft sandy beaches. The shades of the water range from ocean blue to turquoise and green. The beaches of Los Cabos are some of the most beautiful you will find in the Pacific Ocean and along the shores of the Sea of Cortez. 

Los Cabos a jewel between two seas

In Los Cabos you will find yourself between two seas, the Sea of Cortez; which is called the Aquarium of the world and the Pacific Ocean. This destination has the beauty of the blue of the sea and the orange of the desert. It is divided into three main areas: San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and more than 33 km that connect both towns known as corridor. Along the east you will find great resorts where sophistication and comfort make a perfect fusion. 

During almost every day of the year, you will find warm weather and sunny skies, and the water temperature will allow you to enjoy this paradisaical destination and its wonders, both in the sea and in the desert. In addition, you can enjoy extreme water sports, diving, or sunbathing; no matter what your travel goal is, in the best beaches of Los Cabos you can do it all. 

Los Cabos and its Blue Flag beaches

In Los Cabos you will find a total of 22 beaches with Blue Flag certification, this is awarded to the best beaches, based on clean beaches, that have great water quality, and high safety standards, and that continuously work to protect the coasts and local ecosystems. Here you will discover some of them:

Which beaches to visit in Los Cabos?

Choosing a beach in Los Cabos, Mexico, where to spend your time is not easy, since there are endless options, from the quietest to those that will surprise you with wild waves, with this list you can choose the one that best suits your travel style. 

Love beach, the beach that connects both seas

If you are looking to spend the day on a boat, kayaks and jet skis, Playa del Amor will be a must-visit in Los Cabos, if you decide to rent one of these water transports and get close enough to the famous Arco de Los Cabos you will be able to admire an extensive colony of sea lions playing, swimming and resting on the rocks.

Chileno Beach 

One of the first beaches to obtain the Blue Flags certification, this beach is located in the Tourist Corridor, and its main attraction is its calm blue waters and tranquil atmosphere. 

Here you can swim and snorkel thanks to its gentle waves, you can also sunbathe on the shore or protect yourself from the sun under the palapas while enjoying a refreshing drink.

Santa Maria Beach in Los Cabos

Swimming in gentle waves or snorkeling to see all the secret wonders that inhabit the sea, if this plan sounds amazing to you, visiting Santa Maria Beach in Los Cabos is what you need. Thanks to the rocky cliffs, the waves are very gentle, which makes it perfect for snorkeling and seeing all the brightly colored fish that inhabit it. This is considered one of the safest beaches, so a great day of fun awaits you; just remember to bring umbrellas and supplies you may need, as you won't find many services. 

Divorcio Beach 

Unlike Playa del Amor, Divorcio Beach is known for having a very strong and wild swell. Being a beach with direct access to the open sea of the Pacific Ocean, it is not allowed to swim or do any water activities. However, it is a perfect place to admire the force of nature and relax a little on the sand while tanning, reading a good book or making sand castles. 

Playa Viudas in Los Cabos, a hidden paradise 

If you are looking for a getaway with your other half, in the privacy of a secluded beach, Playa Viudas is perfect for you. You'll find natural pools, caves that are worth admiring and if that's not enough if your thing is swimming and enjoying the water to the fullest, in its calm waters you can snorkel or swim for a while. Remember to bring everything you need for a picnic, as you will not find stores around you. 

Palmillas Beach

Let yourself be embraced by the calm waters of Palmillas Beach and relax under its umbrellas, enjoying one of the refreshing drinks that you can buy all around. This beach is known for the ease of sport fishing and snorkeling tours, as well as the majestic whale watching season from November to February.

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