Day of the Dead, a full of life celebration


Day of the Dead, a full of life celebration

Mexico is a country full of traditions, culture and of course, is famous for spicing up and adding a festive touch to practically everything. An example? The celebration and the warm welcome with which death is viewed. 

The Day of the Dead or Day or the Day of the Dead Saints is the Mexican most representative festivity, it is a sample of the synergy that takes place between the pre-Hispanic culture and the Catholic beliefs. The tradition says that the spirits of the deceased return once a year to spend time with their loved ones, who have already prepared altars to receive their dead, these altars have flowers, sweets, the favorite food of the deceased, drinks, music and incense. 

The tradition is so cherished that since 2008 UNESCO has considered it an intangible heritage of humanity. 

Day of the Dead, join this huge celebration

All over Mexico is celebrated this huge tradition where for one day, there is no sadness, only joy to share once again with those who departed before the living. It is such a great and beautiful celebration that each state in Mexico has a unique way of living it, some of our favorites are:


As in all of Mexico, every house or establishment places altars to honor the dead. The difference is that here the Mayan culture is still more deeply rooted, in Cancun they still celebrate the Hanal Pixan or "food of the souls", where they prepare a delicious pibipollo, which is a corn dough preparation, filled with beef, chicken or pork and the most special thing is that it is baked in an underground oven. You can also attend the Festival of Life and Death; staying in one of our beautiful rooms, you can experience it all firsthand. 

Los Cabos

Just 30 minutes away from our facilities, you will find Amelia Wilke Plaza, where the residents of Los Cabos make beautiful altars full of colorful flowers, you can also appreciate beautiful works of art while you taste what the Day of the Dead really is. 


Certainly one of the most important celebrations in Oaxaca is the Day of the Dead, where you can see in every street the so-called "comparsas" that are caravans that are accompanied by musical bands and fireworks, in Oaxaca the Day of the Dead is synonymous of colors, joy and liveliness, be part of this great festivity and stay in one of our rooms


One of the attractions of Puerto Vallarta is the beautiful boardwalk, where you can spend hours walking and enjoying a unique sunset, and on the Day of the Dead you will enjoy it even more, the boardwalk is filled with huge statues of Catrinas decorated and dressed in different ways, walking along the boardwalk will give you an idea of what this holiday represents for Mexicans, experience the Day of the Dead by staying in Puerto Vallarta

Discover why this celebration is unique and special for all of Mexico, it is a once in a lifetime experience. 


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