Everything you need to know about the Super Bowl


Everything you need to know about the Super Bowl

One of the most awaited days of the year is about to arrive, Valentine's Day? Halloween or New Year's Day? No! We are talking about Super Bowl LVI, the day where more chicken wings, avocado and beer are consumed in the United States. This time the scene of the long awaited Super Bowl LVI will be in Los Angeles, SoFi Stadium will witness the most important game of the NFL, where the Cincinnati Bengals will face the Los Angeles Rams, both teams ready to give it all for the glory of the Super Bowl.

When is the Super Bowl?

The long-awaited Super Bowl LVI will be played on Sunday 13, 2022, in SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles, but one Sunday before, on February 6, the Pro Bowl will be played at Allegiant Stadium in Nevada. So prepare your favorite dish, sit back in your favorite chair and get ready because Travel Raintree will tell you everything you need to know about Super Bowl LVI.

Everything you should know about the Super Bowl, facts that will make you look like an expert

Let's remember that in the 2021 edition, we could see the experienced Tom Brady face Patrick Mahomes, Brady was with a new team and, at 43 years old, an advanced age for American soccer, he managed to set a new record. He broke the NFL record for most completed passes. 

Which teams are playing in the LVI edition of the Super Bowl?

This time the Super Bowl 2022 will be played between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, an unexpected final, since Cincinnati had not been a participant of a Super Bowl since 1989, so this year they will pretend to make history, looking for their first Vince Lombardi.

The Rams played their last Super Bowl in 2019, where they did not achieve the championship, so this time they will seek to take the victory, the first trophy they got was in 2000.

Who will be at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show?

Without a doubt, the Super Bowl halftime show is a hook for those who only watch the game to have a good time with their friends, family or significant other. This will be the year when hip-hop will reign the stage, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem and Snoop Dog will be in charge of the halftime show, all exponents of hip-hop in recent years and to top it off, they all hail from Southern California. 

Last year's reviews for The Weekend were not favorable, so this year the expectations for the halftime show are sky-high. 

Fun facts about the Super Bowl

If you are not into football, don't worry, with these fun facts you will be the center of attention in your meeting. 

  • The trophy is manufactured by Tiffany & Co, and is called Vince Lombardi in honor of the coach of the Green Bay Packers, who won the first two editions and died of cancer
  • Demand for home-delivered pizza increases 350% compared to a normal day.
  • Mexico exports 1,000 tons of the so-called green gold for these dates, since last year alone it was estimated that 3.8 million kilos of guacamole were consumed.
  • Currently, a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl costs around 5.5 million dollars. 
  • During the Super Bowl, the most anticipated movie trailers of the year are aired.
  • It is estimated that 1.35 billion chicken wings are consumed during this Sunday alone.
  • The first great halftime show took place until 1993.

Don't miss the biggest event of the year, get ready with everything you need and join the thousands of viewers who will tune in to Super Bowl LVI, no matter if the Bengals or the Rams win, remember that the winner is always the fun and the delicious food. 


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