How to pack the perfect luggage


How to pack the perfect luggage

After endless search, you've eventually decided which destination you want to visit in 2022, you've got your itinerary planned, your flights purchased and your hotel ready. It's time to start packing and organizing the perfect luggage

We know that when trying to organize perfect luggage many obstacles will arise, starting with knowing what to take, how to organize the luggage, and how to make more space in your luggage. Packing a luggage may sound very difficult, but it's not.  At Travel Raintree we will tell you step by step how to pack the perfect suitcase, what to bring, what not to bring in your hand luggage and even how to fold your clothes to save space in your suitcase. 

Steps to organize the perfect suitcase

A list will be your best ally, you can make it on your phone and divide it between shoes, clothes, personal things and what you will carry in your hand luggage, such as passport, visa, cards or diaper bag in case of traveling with a baby.

Let's start with the basics. What is your destination? Maybe you chose a hot weather, sand, beach and tans; something like Cancun, Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta or maybe something more city-like such as Las Vegas or Phoenix, your travel plan will depend on what you will carry in your suitcase and how you will organize it; it is not the same to go 3 days to the beach, than 15 to a place as cold as Park City, so the size of your luggage and whether you will check in luggage may vary. 

Now that you know where you are traveling to, and what you will take, it's time to organize it to make the perfect suitcase, before you see our list of tips to take up less space in your suitcase and make the perfect luggage you have to remove from your mind the "just in case", you will only take more things than you really need. 

How to save space in your luggage

Follow these 4 simple steps to save space in your bag, and you'll be sure to travel light, comfortable and with an organized suitcase. 

Create outfits and roll them up

Think about how many days of the week you will be traveling, and put together outfits that you can reuse. Taking basic travel clothes will be your best option if you want to reduce space, because it will be easier to match. Once you have chosen what you will take with you, roll up your clothes, with your underwear inside, do not fold them as it is traditionally done, it is an excellent way to make space in your bag.

Personal hygiene items

Invest a little in special containers of 100 ml, forget about traveling with large bottles that will only take up space in your bag, plus you can reuse them on your next trips. Don't forget to include a mini first aid kit. Headache, stomach and motion sickness pills are basic for every trip. 

Use your footwear for storage

Every space matters, and the space in your shoes can be put to good use. Store your socks, headphones, cell phone or computer cables, and even your jewelry in small bags. 

How to make your bag lighter?

Another great way to save space in your bag is to choose the perfect luggage. Look for a light suitcase, and with different spaces where you can store more things, lean on your hand luggage, carrying one or two extra blouses in your carry-on bag will lighten your bag. Don't forget to make sure you wear your heaviest clothes, such as jeans, jackets or boots. This way, you will be sure to reduce the weight of your bags. 

Choose the destination that suits you and your travel goals for 2022, pack your perfect bag and visit us at any of our destinations. If you still haven't decided on one, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will answer all your questions! 


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