How to spend Valentine's Day in Los Cabos


How to spend Valentine's Day in Los Cabos

The most romantic date of the year is getting closer, a day when you can feel the love in the air, and it's all about celebrating these feelings that make the world go round, love and friendship. If you are a die-hard romantic it's time to start planning your Valentine's Day celebration, you could plan a beautiful dinner, a picnic or go big, plan a Valentine's Day getaway to Los Cabos. 

One of the favorite destinations for couples who want to take a romantic trip and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, is Los Cabos, whether they are from Mexico, or any other part of the world, this paradisaical place seems to attract couples in love, whether to celebrate an anniversary, get married, celebrate their honeymoon, or simply pamper each other.

Los Cabos, a romantic destination

Now that you have decided to spend a weekend or a romantic getaway in the paradisaical beaches of Los Cabos this February 14, you can't miss our list of recommendations of things to do to spend an unforgettable Valentine's Day in Los Cabos.

What to do in Los Cabos for Valentine's Day

If you and your other half love the beach, the sun, or relaxing by the pool, you'll love celebrating Valentine's Day in Los Cabos. They will be delighted with the hundreds of activities to do, from extreme adventures, boat rides, whale watching or simply enjoying a relaxing moment by the pool at a beachfront hotel. 

Get to know the different options that will turn a simple date like February 14th into the most special Valentine's Day of your life. 

Adventure in Los Cabos

Fulfill your adventurous spirit by horseback riding along the endless beaches of Los Cabos, discovering the beautiful Mexican desert in Los Cabos, or exploring cliffs and pristine beaches, or if you prefer a stronger thrill, you can dive or swim with sharks. In Los Cabos, there are options for all types of couples, if you love the adrenaline rush, the destination has a wide variety of options.

Whale watching in Los Cabos

Feel the thrill and adrenaline of seeing an incredible show of nature, from December to April, you can enjoy whale watching in Los Cabos. Take a small boat and get as close as the big fins can splash you. This will be a date you won't forget. 

A day of romance and beach at Los Arcos in Los Cabos

Plan a day of relaxation at the beach of love in Los Cabos, this is one of the most famous beaches, as it is very close to "El Arco" located at the end of the peninsula of Baja California, an area known as "The End of the World". Also, if you take a sea cab you can find Divorcio Beach, although its name does not sound romantic, the beach is. 
You can kayak, snorkel or observe the famous sand waterfalls. 

Enjoy the perfect getaway at Club Regina, Los Cabos

If your idea of the perfect trip is to totally relax in your hotel, while being treated with room service, premium rooms, having delicious food and being treated like a king with the offers that Club Regina Los Cabos has for you, staying at our hotel is the perfect plan for you. If you stay 3 nights or more, you can enjoy a -57% discount and a bottle of sparkling wine directly to your room. 
Don't hesitate! Book now and enjoy a romantic getaway in Los Cabos.  


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