Whale Watching in Los Cabos


Whale Watching in Los Cabos

Famous for its natural beauty, Los Cabos is a destination that offers the perfect combination of incredible desert and tropical scenery. 

In addition, it has award-winning beaches, great weather almost all year round and a gastronomy that will dazzle all your senses. It is home to the famous Arco, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean converge and as if that weren't enough, it gives us a natural spectacle every year, whale watching in Los Cabos.

When can you go whale watching in Los Cabos?

Schedule a trip between December and April to Los Cabos is the best option to witness the great whale watching, you will enjoy the thrill of seeing groups of gray and humpback whales swimming and frolicking with their calves.

Gray whales, humpback whales and whale sharks in Los Cabos

Between December and April you will find several species of whales migrating from the cold waters of the north to the warm waters of Los Cabos, the main activity you will see is the males going from group to find females to mate with.

But late January through February and early March is when the females begin to give birth to their majestic, but small creatures, so you will have more chances to see and interact with them. 

The main species you will find whale watching in Los Cabos are the humpback whales. These large dark-colored mammals are a lot of fun to watch, they like to hang out and show their majesty to the visitors of Los Cabos,

Another species you can see is the Whale Shark, the friendliest and noblest species of sharks, they do not represent any danger to humans, so you can swim freely with them, the whale shark season in Los Cabos goes from late October to late April, so if you want to take a tour to meet these species that are wonders of nature, it is necessary to make a reservation months before in the hotels in Los Cabos, so you will avoid that all are fully booked.

Last but not least, you can also appreciate the gray whales, these tend to swim and show themselves near the coast, so there is the possibility of seeing them without being on a boat, you can be resting and sunbathing in our hotel Club Regina Los Cabos and if you have a little luck you can see these mammals approaching. 

Stay in Club Regina Los Cabos

In order to fully enjoy whale watching in Los Cabos we recommend you to stay at a beachfront hotel in Los Cabos, where besides enjoying sunbathing, you will also eat delicious food. Relax in one of our wonderful rooms, don't hesitate to contact us, take advantage of one of our offers and book in advance to get a 55% discount for booking your stay at Club Regina Los Cabos. We are waiting for you! 


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