What to eat in Puerto Vallarta?


What to eat in Puerto Vallarta? Delight yourself with the gastronomy of Jalisco and stay at Club Regina.

Puerto Vallarta is much more than beautiful beaches and enchanting sunsets, this city also offers a cultural and gastronomic experience that makes you want to come back again and again. 

Because of its privileged geographic location, it has the typical products of the sea that, added to the traditional Mexican cuisine, form an authentic gastronomic richness. 

Whether you go to a small stall in the streets of the city, or you decide to dine in a great restaurant, you will be guaranteed gastronomic excellence, not for nothing this city is called, "The Gourmet City".

If you are a foodie at heart, you must take a gastronomic tour of Puerto Vallarta, it is time for you to try these 5 typical dishes that will delight your palate and all your senses. 

Did you know?

6 of the 10 best haute cuisine restaurants in Mexico are located in Puerto Vallarta, which is why it earned the name "The Gourmet City"!

Typical dishes of Puerto Vallarta, Try them all! 

Pregnant fish

If you are at the beach, and suddenly you feel like eating something spicy and delicious, the pescado embarazado (pregnant fish) is your option. 

Eating one of these fish that are usually served pierced on a stick, will be the perfect way to whet your appetite, to start with the culinary delicacies of Puerto Vallarta. 

The sauce with which this dish is prepared is made with a base of guajillo chili, garlic, butter and axiote. Once they are coated with this marinade, they are put in the roasting pan and are ready in less than four minutes, perfect for a mid-afternoon snack! Don't hesitate to try them. 

Shrimp Pozole

One of the main ingredients in the recipes of the coastal states is undoubtedly shrimp, which along with other flavors and textures create the most delicious dishes you can imagine. Shrimp pozole is one of them. 

To prepare it, put a pot on the fire with plenty of water, a head of garlic, peeled and quartered onion, salt and pepper.  When it starts to boil, add the corn and let it cook until it is soft, then serve it with lettuce, onion, toasted bread and sauce to taste, you feel like it, don't you? 

No matter how hot it is, shrimp pozole is always welcome. 

Fish in a shake

The favorite dish to share, the pargo, the fish used to make this tasty dish, can measure up to 95 centimeters long and weigh up to 8 kilograms. 

The fish is covered with an exquisite special sauce and then wrapped in aluminum foil on a press ready to be grilled. It is usually served with white rice and tortillas, along with a spicy tomato sauce.

It doesn't matter if you eat it with a fork or with tortillas, it will be delicious! 

Tortas ahogadas

And if you are not a fan of fish and its derivatives, tortas ahogadas are for you. This torta is prepared with a roll stuffed with pork loin or pork leg, and dipped in a tomato and chili sauce. Usually, half of the torta is left out of the sauce, so that the diner can hold it without getting too dirty... Do you crave it? Try it when visiting Puerto Vallarta!

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